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Glandular Fever (mononucleosis): An article written by Glandular Fever Help Services

Glandular Fever Symptoms:
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glandular fever symptoms so I will not detail them all again on this site. Please go to for more information on glandular fever symptoms.

Glandular Fever in adults:

There are many cases of glandular fever in adults (older than teenagers). I have received more and more requests for help from older adults over the last few years (ages ranging from 35 to 65).  The one thing they all seem to have in common with each other (and with those young adults who traditionally come down with the illness) is their high physical activity levels and fast paced  / action packed lifestyles (burning the candle at both ends)!
In the lead up to glandular fever there is usually also some other extra emotional, mental or physical stress which pushes them just that bit too far, thus succombing to the illness.

Glandular fever and post viral fatigue - glandular fever and chronic fatigue - glandular fever recurrence - glandular fever relapse:
I always think that after a bad case  of Glandular Fever, you are left with a chronic lowering of your threshold for overdoing it. If you continue to go over this threshold, either physically (with too much exercise, socialising, lots of long distance driving, moving house etc) mentally (with too much stress with work etc) or emotionally (with relationship problems, family changes etc) then the “internal GF health barometer signals begin to show again” (sore throats, tonsil problems or swollen glands / headaches) followed a little while later by the old tiredness symptoms and various other Glandular fever symptoms. Normally it is a combination of the above and gradually you run yourself over your threshold. These stresses can be positive or negative . . . both would have an influence on your body’s coping capacity. In some cases I feel that this threshold is left very low so it would not take much for the old symptoms and tiredness to flare up again.
These troubles seem to be part and parcel of the following on-going issues: glandular fever and post viral fatigue, glandular fever and chronic fatigue, glandular fever recurrence (of symptoms), recurrent glandular fever (diagnosed) glandular fever relapse.

Post Glandular Fever treatment:
If you are experiencing on-going troubles post glandular fever, never feeling 100%, with on-going bouts of acute glandular fever symptoms and underlying fatigue, then it can be worthwhile trying to do everything you can to entice your body to get back on track again. Supporting your immune system, adrenal system and the liver is a good way to begin. Often the digestive system becomes disturbed if the post glandular fever tiredness continues beyond 6-12 months so this is another area which is worth supporting. As the body gets stronger it is then hoped that relapses will not show themselves as often and hopefully not as harshly. Often a build up of stress can be a trigger for a bad bout of old glandular fever syptoms with chronic fatigue, so it is important to keep stress levels as low as possible.
Unreliable energy levels are extremely furstarting and can make you feel very down about everything.
Learning to manage your health and energies as well as you can may give you a more postive outlook and more confidence in your health.
Good eating, lifestyle and supplement advice is a good way to begin to try and get on top of your health and energies and set you on the right path - for on-going glandular fever help see below.

Glandular Fever help and contact:
If you would like to send a summary of your glandular fever health history for initial comments then please click here. Glandular Fever Help Services aims to help and support you with on-going troubles.Good eating, lifetsyle and supplement advice, along with various other practical suggestions for help will be offered.

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glandular fever treatment
author: Georgina Burton (Glandular Fever Help Services)

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